Crownfield Junior 2018

Grade: Good          Previous Inspection: Good

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With advice and support from a national leader of education, you have made changes in a short space of time that have not only steadied the school but have also improved the quality of teaching.

School leaders have successfully tackled the areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection. The proportion of pupils working at the higher standards in reading and writing is now broadly in line with national averages.

Since the change in leadership, a new assessment system has been introduced. This has moved the emphasis from termly testing to regular assessment of pupils’ work by class teachers against clear criteria. This has made assessment more accurate and has helped teachers to use the assessment information in a more effective way to plan future learning for pupils

Mead 2016

Grade: Good          Previous Inspection: Requires Improvement

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Strong leadership from the executive headteacher (Mr Drakes) and headteacher, ably supported by other leaders and governors across the federation, has driven rapid improvement in key areas of the school’s work.

The headteacher and the executive headteacher are a winning combination. Their relentless energy, drive and hard work have led the way so that, together with staff, they provide a stimulating learning environment which enthuses pupils.

Pupils make exceptional progress in reading. Pupils are adept at reading more difficult words as they are taught reading strategies well.

Around the school, pupils are both polite and sensible. There is almost no bullying or unkindness because pupils are respectful to others.

Broadford 2014

Grade: Outstanding          Previous Inspection: Satisfactory

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Parents appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and think that their children are extremely well taught and looked after.

Pupils behave impeccably in lessons, work and support each other well, are extremely keen to learn and have a genuine thirst for knowledge. 

The headteacher (Mr Drakes), closely supported by the deputy and assistant headteachers, have been relentless in improving every area of the school’s work. Their high expectations of both pupils and staff have resulted in exceptional advances since the previous inspection.

Broadford 2012

Grade: Satisfactory          Previous Inspection: Special Measures

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The headteacher (Mr Drakes) has set very clear and high expectations of what is expected of all staff and pupils. There has been a rigorous focus on monitoring teaching, and in ensuring that pupils’ behaviour and personal development remain at good levels.

The school has successfully improved pupils’ behaviour through raising their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. Relationships within the school are harmonious and pupils show respect for each other and staff.

Pupils report that incidences of bullying are very rare. Not surprisingly, pupils’ attendance levels have risen significantly since the last inspection.

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